A sea of red

poppies at the tower of londonTo remember those lives lost in the First World War

This art installation is to commemorate the 888,246 fatalities Britain suffered during the First World War which can be seen at the Tower of London until 11th November 2014, at which time the ceramic poppies will be sold to the public

Sometime we go about our daily lives and it is very easy to forget those who lost theirs for their country, in this and many other wars.  But this has such symbolic meaning. It can be difficult to imagine 888.246 of anything so when you see one red ceramic poppy  for each life lost in that one conflict alone, there is a mixture of sorrow and pride.

I am so pleased that, as a country, we didn’t let the anniversary pass unmentioned like some of the politically correct wished.  Personally, it’s never been a case of reminding those countries we fought who won or some flag waving xenophobia.  I had a granddad that survived the war, and a great-uncle that died aged 17yrs when his ship was sunk off the coast of Scotland by naval mines.  17 years of age!  How scared must he have been at that age, but yet so much braver than I.

I hope we go on to remember our armed forces year in – year out, whether it’s the First or Second World Wars, or the conflicts closer to today like the Gulf War.  Whatever your political persuasion, those fighting are doing what they are told by Governments……and then sometimes forgotten by them.

….but we will remember them

The Tower of London Remembers

The Royal British Legion

Help For Heroes



Chislehurst Rocked……

Chislehurst Rocks 2014…..and somebody swore on stage.  There goes the neighbourhood!

I was really looking forward to Chislehurst Rocks this year having missed it in 2013 (I was at Wembley Stadium seeing Roger Waters ‘The Wall’. I’m such a social butterfly!) and it was good to be back.

There were some great sets from bands such as Night Owl, Under Construction, The Jaggs, Stone Blind, Carousel Club, Hobo and The Hippies, and Dojo. Added to this was a short accoustic set by the ever popular The Theme, who never fail to disappoint.  Any bands \ acts that was on before these that I haven’t mentioned…I apologise.  Being a member of ‘Club Imsomnia’ normaly means that anything before 1.00pm is for other people, not me!

There was something for eveyone, which was proved when I saw a one-year old dancing to an AC/DC cover by Stone Blind!

The guys at Chislehurst Rocks, Friends of Chislehurst Rec,, and all the others involved did a fantastic job with the event so a virtual pat on the back to all.

Below are a handful if images from this years event, and the complete Chislehurst Rocks gallery can be seen by clicking here

I hope you like them!


Chislehurst Rocks 2014

Getting on down!Chislehurst Rocks is just around the corner, and each year it seems to get bigger and better.  I had always wanted to get into music photography and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to give it a go.  Having researched what makes a good music photo (don’t crop at wrong place; try not to make it looks like the singer is swallowing the microphone etc) these are the images I came up with.

One aspect that I didn’t reckon on was that sometimes you end up concentrating so much on the images that you don’t take in the music.  I suppose proffessional music photographers have one thing in mind; to get the killer image for Rolling Stones magazine, NME, Bromley Times etc.  With this in mind, I tried to listen to the acts in 2012 more than I did in 2011, but it was still quite difficult.

This years event is on 6th September and I’m really looking forward to it.  I might also have a young assistant with me, as Matthew wants to come to an event.

Here are some of the images that made the cut from the 2011 and 2012 events.

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Street Photography 101

A beer in the sunOne aspect of photography that I find the most difficult to grasp is that of street photography. On the face of it taking pictures of strangers should seem a very simple thing, and it is. The difficult part (for me at least) is making the pictures either tells a story, or making the viewer think about what they are looking at.

Nicholas Godden wrote an interesting article [click here] that I found both interesting and informative. I think its possible that part of my frustration is due to the amount of pictures I take. I end up snapping away with little thought as to what I am taking and hoping I get something worthwhile out of a raft of images.

The next time I go out I’m going to try and apply more thought to the image, hopefully without missing the opportunity that I have been waiting for, and end up with more interesting street photography